• We are the future

    Ilearn3D is the sole representative of AB3DLabs in Poland. AB3DLabs is an innovative approach to 3D design. We want to help people get skills that are in high demand on the labor market. We suggest applications that gradually guide users through the difficult 3D learning process.
    We are the future

What do wy offer?

In times technology develops faster than ever, we need to equip our children with the necessary skills to enable them to master the challenges of tomorrow. So, we developed a curriculum that uses the combination of State-of the art tools and the latest education methods in both digital and analog world in gamified workspace mixed with fun; all gathered and prepared by experts in early STEM and 21st Century education.
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  • Start modelingAB3Dbasic will teach you quickly the basics of converting 2D to 3D.
  • Free your imaginationAB3Dpro is an intuitive software that can easily transform your ideas into 3D models.
  • Design without restrictionsIt's time to put into practice everything you've learned. Design, print, assemble and create.

Watch how it works

Watch how it works

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STEAMiLearn3DWhat does STEAM mean?

STEM is a model of education combining natural sciences (Science), technology (Technology), engineering (Engineering) and mathematics (Mathematics). The availability of information we have through the Internet and multimedia devices means that existing methods of learning by remembering data, facts or rules are becoming less and less useful. STEM offers an alternative based on learning through experience, experimenting, learning in practice.

Thanks to these methods of education, the child learns to be independent, cooperate with others, and can also experience responsibility for his or her own work. The practical application of knowledge significantly increases the motivation to learn, thus stimulating intellectual, manual and emotional development.

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  • The simplest 3D design application for a computer, tablet and smartphone.
    The best way to learn is to use the same method. Develop your 3D skills by creating models with 2D drawings and deepening understanding of 3D modeling.
  • A complete 2D to 3D conversion tool
    When you learn the basics of 2D modeling on 3D, you can go to a higher level with our advanced program combining design flexibility with simplicity as our company sign.
  • Educational platform
    Learn the principles of 3D design with the basics of 2D transformation in 3D. Our platform includes a horizontally divided program covering everything that is necessary.


"Build Your Train" is an educational kit that includes a STEAM-based curriculum, patented application, USBs (learn by games), and a kit-box that teaches kids from first grade to eighth grade the principles of 3d design and 3d print through hands-on, minds-on, and fully engaging activities.
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Skills Your kids will acquire

Creating builders, inventors and leaders

  • Buildingskills

    + Building
    + Investigating
    + Discussing
    + Evaluating
    + Adaptability
    + Problem Solving

  • Inventorskills

    + Creativity
    + Innovation
    + Intellectual Curiosity
    + Project Planning
    + Imagination
    + Critical Thinking

  • Leadershipskills

    + Self-Expression
    + Self-Confidence
    + Self-Awareness
    + Communication
    + Teamwork

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