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+ Our Values We value the top education and we thrive to make it fun, and to make kids enjoy their time learning.
+ Our mission Our mission is to spread the knowledge of 3D printing and try to get rid of the gap between education and technology. 3D Innovation Educations goal is to implement our STEAM-based curriculum in all public and private schools
3D LAB Ilearn3D is a Polish representative of a Swiss company AB3DLabs, operating in the field of innovation and 3D design software to support the development of this technology. At AB3DLabs, we develop both 3D educational programs for primary and secondary schools based on STEM as well as widely available courses. Our company is in possession of a patent that allows the unique simplicity and unprecedented ease of use of our programs.
  • The SchoolsWe provide the school with an extracurricular program that can be taught at any time during the school year; itʼs very flexible. We provide the school with top education that the parents appreciate.
  • The TeachersOur curriculum is teacher friendly; it does all the work for the teacher. All the worksheets, hands-on activities, interactive slides and presentations, animated quizzes, and the objectives of all the chapters are in the teacher USB flash drive, which sves the teacher a lot of time from planning for the class.
  • The StudentsThe students will gain a lot of different skills such as; project planning, teamwork, creativity, imagination, problem-solving, and much more. They will be able to 3D design and 3D print from such a young age, while learning concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

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